Dead or Alive: Paradise jiggling its way onto PSP

I’ve always been a big fan of the walking pairs of jubblies from the Dead or Alive franchise, but all that pesky fighting and volleyball got in the way of any proper creepy ogling of digital female bits. All the socially maladjusted perverts like myself will be pleased to know that Tecmo will be catering to our deviant tastes with Dead or Alive: Paradise for the PSP.

According to the latest Famitsu magazine, Dead or Alive: Paradise will eschew all that pointless fighting and volleyball in favor of mini-games, gambling and realistic relationship management. Apparently, Dead or Alive: Paradise is a port of the 2006 mobile game with the same name.

I guess we’ll have to wait until the next title before Tecmo gets rid of that pesky relationship management mechanic. Not only am I a pervert, but I’m also too lazy to remember what Kasumi’s favorite color is to get her into even skimpier bikinis.