EA confirms bearded guy, PC dedication for Medal of Honor

Due to the overwhelming awesomeness that is his facial hair, that guy on the box art of EA’s Medal of Honor reboot has gained enough of a following that EA has already had to answer the ‘why wasn’t the bearded guy in the reveal trailer‘ question. Anyone holding their breath over this matter can now breathe easy — the guy will indeed be a character in the game and will be revealed “in the near future.”

The bit comes from Executive Producer Greg Goodrich who has answered a few trailer-related community questions where he also confirmed that the Afghanistan-bound title will be the first M-rated Medal of Honor game and that they’re taking the PC version “as seriously as we do any other version,” which we’re sure is a bit of a jab at the recent MW2 dedicated server drama and confirmation that their game will indeed have them, like the second half of what’s been declared to be the CoD-killing duo.