Next Batman might move beyond Arkham Asylum, suggests developer

Not that the skyline of downtown Gotham City didn’t make for the perfect backdrop to Batman’s Arkham Asylum antics, but can you imagine exploring the caped crusader’s stomping grounds up close? The developers certainly can, if senior gameplay programmer Paul Denning’s comments are any indication.

“I think [Arkham Asylum has] almost run its course,” said Denning in PC Zone Magazine’s recent retrospective on the original game. “We did pick a selection of buildings that we thought would fit the [original] game well. You could quite easily point out that there are various things that you wouldn’t usually find in an asylum especially on an island that’s supposedly self-contained.”

“Gotham itself is a fantastically realised fictional city,” he continued, “and there are so many places that would be probably be ideal for gameplay and great to explore.”

Though the developers don’t plan to go the open-world route, the chance exists that the Joker will escape his island prison in the next game – the teaser trailer debuted at this year’s Spike Video Game Awards basically promises as much, revealing a still recovering Joker admiring the willful destruction of private property from an abandoned building within the besieged city. That or Arkham Asylum has got itself one hell of a paintball course.