Schrödinger’s Rat brings quantum physics to the iPhone

Forget the farting apps. SouthPeak Games is going high brow with their first iPhone title Schrödinger’s Rat, an accelerometer assisted labyrinth puzzler inspired by Austrian theoretical physicist Erwin Schrödinger’s famous thought experiment.

Intended as a critique of the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics, and eventually becoming the go to example for illustrating the difficulty of describing quantum states, Albert Einstein’s buddy devised the following scenario: a cat, a Geiger counter containing a trace amount of radioactive substance, and a flask filled with poison are placed in a sealed and shielded box. If the Geiger counter detects decay, it trips a hammer that shatters the flask and kills the cat. Or not. The point of this “diabolical mechanism” is that, until the box is opened, the cat is both alive and dead to the universe outside the box.

As for what this theoretical mind fuck has to do with the game, if you made it through the previous paragraph without suffering an aneurysm, you should have no trouble tackling the 117 periodic table-based mazes of Schrödinger’s Rat, which tasks players with testing the Retrograpy Atomic Teleporter (R.A.T.) of a rodent-scientist named Paradox. Standing in the way of progress through the mazes are unstable walls, dead ends and anti-gravity fur balls, produced personally by Schrödinger’s feline friend.

Schrödinger’s Rat will be released in the App Store later this month.