WoW to be dethroned by Final Fantasy XIV?

If you were to ask Square Enix president Yoichi Wada “Can World of Warcraft be dethroned by Final Fantasy XIV?” that answer might be a resounding “yes”. According to a recent interview, Wada apparently has big plans for Final Fantasy XIV and has the MMO juggernaut World of Warcraft in its crosshairs. Wada is basing his claims that WoW can be dethroned on the premise that WoW will eventually reach a crossroads. Blizzard will then be forced to make a sequel to WoW because of a down turn in subscription rates and this is where FFXIV will swoop in to take the throne.

We would much rather see WoW dethroned because Square Enix created a superior MMO, not to say that they aren’t, not because players became exhausted with WoW. Not to mention that we already know Blizzard is working on a new MMO, so they’re already planning for WoW’s eventual decline. With the success of WoW’s expansions and the excitement surrounding next year’s Cataclysm though, we’re left wondering when exactly Wada expects Blizzard to lose its throne…