ESRB raitings are in and Mass Effect is rated M

Following directly in the footsteps of its predecessor, Mass Effect 2 has been labeled as a  mature rated game by the ESRB for what looks like the same exact reasons the first one did. The ratings board posted its summary of the game citing specific occurrences behind the mature rating, one of those being a certain type of encounter that BioWare is making a habit of including in their games.

“Clothed alien/human characters may prop a partner on top of a space console, clear away the clutter from a bed-slab, unzip a future-blouse, or just talk it out.” So it looks like ME2 will allow you to do more digital love making much like in the first game, which incidentally caused some controversy. It should be noted however that like the first game, ME2 shows no actual sex, “Though an alien/human may gyrate her hips while on top (fleeting – one-to-two seconds), actual sex is never depicted – the camera cuts away to space furniture and ceilings”.

The game also nabs the mature tag because of the obvious level of violence that occurs in the game that’s clearly visible in just about every trailer we’ve laid eyes on. Between all the shooting, exploding of enemies and possible running over cute space monkeys with your six-wheeled space monster truck, we’re not surprised the game landed the rating it did.