Heavy Rain to be uncensored in North America

I vividly remember playing through Indigo Prophecy. It was one of my favorite games of the last generation until the wheels fell off about 90 minutes before the ending, and I remember the moment where I realized things had gone south. Two of the main characters are about to get down to business when I noticed that the female was missing nipples, and about a half second later, the game immediately cuts to a loading screen in one of the most obvious edits this side of a basic cable broadcast of Pink Flamingo. That was one of the marvelous cuts Atari made to Fahrenheit (along with the silly name change) for its US release. After that there was some BS involving aliens made out of electricity and I then noticed that I wasn’t quite as fond of Indigo Prophecy as I once was.

Thankfully, that won’t be happening again. In a recent sit down, Quantic Dream’s Co-CEO Guilaume de Fondaumiere said that the NA version of Heavy Rain will feature all of the content found in its international counterpart. De Fondaumiere claims that “tens of thousands” of people imported the European version of Fahrenheit and wants those people to know that there will be no need to import Heavy Rain when it’s released early next year. And I’m sure he wouldn’t mind you taking a look at all the new screens that we added to the gallery today either.