Bad Company 2 introduces Squad Deathmatch

I have to say I’m loving these in-game Battlefield: Bad Company 2 videos, and I’m probably far from being the only one. There’s nothing like actual gameplay to show off your game and create excitement around it. Here to excite us once more is new gameplay footage of the Laguna Presa map, this time narrated by Senior Producer Patrick Bach as he introduces a new multiplayer mode called Squad Deathmatch.

Instead of the usual Team Deathmatch with two teams, Squad Deathmatch allows up to four squads of four to go at it. To put a little focus on the action, a single armored vehicle has been placed in the middle of the map — an area to be bombarded near the beginning of each round, I’m sure. But the overall objective is simple; kill, kill, kill — the squad to get 50 kills first, wins.

Check the video above for more details. Another three new screenshots await in the gallery as well.