Capcom details Resident Evil 5 DLC

Capcom has detailed Desperate Escape, the second piece of announced downloadable content that will be arriving for Resident Evil 5 early next year. Ditching Chris and Sheva in favor of Jill Valentine and BSAA Agent Josh Stone as playable characters, the DLC follows the two as they make their escape from the Tricell facility to assist Chris and Sheva with the Albert Wesker problem once and for all.

Desperate Escape (screens below), along with some other downloadable RE5 content that arrives in February/March, should keep Resident Evil fans busy for a while. Capcom has gone and done the nice thing and dated it all too — the Lost in Nightmares DLC and Costume Pack 1 will arrive on February 17 on Xbox 360 and February 18 on PS3, the Desperate Escape DLC and Costume Pack 2 will follow on March 3 on Xbox 360 and March 4 on PS3, and finally, Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition will arrive at retail on for both the 360 (disc + download token) and PS3 (all content on disc) on March 9 in the US and March 12 in Europe.