Conviction’s Prologue co-op gameplay is stealthy, impressive

When it comes to the new direction Ubisoft has taken the latest Splinter Cell, I’ll be honest, I’ve been the sceptical one here at TVGB. Moving away from something as undeniably cool as traveling the world while wearing a badass spy suit and being equipped to the teeth with cool gadgets just seemed wrong somehow. It’s not that Splinter Cell: Conviction looks like a bad game, no. But I want my spy suit and gadgets, not a sweater and a broken mirror, dammit.

Imagine then my reaction when seeing this gameplay introduction to Prologue, the game’s recently revealed 2-player cooperative story mode, resembling the good old Splinter Cell more than anything that’s been shown of the title so far. It still has that distinct Conviction feel to it with some gameplay elements being carried over from the single-player campaign — like mark and execute which has been adjusted for co-op play —  but there are no broken mirrors in sight. And that makes me a happy, happy spy.