Heavy Rain gets DLC, collector’s edition for Europe

Quantic Dream’s interactive thriller Heavy Rain promises around 60 scenes for players in the final product, but it turns out the developer isn’t stopping there. You may recall seeing the first footage of the game a few years back in Germany, showing one of the main characters, Madison Paige investigating “The Taxidermist”. It was revealed a short while later that this was merely a presentational demo, and wouldn’t be appearing in the final game.

Turns out players will still get a chance to get their hands on the sequence, as it was revealed today that it would be the first in a series of DLC titled Heavy Rain Chronicles. These extra scenes will focus on the characters’ back stories, so we’re betting we’ll get at least three more pieces, one for each of the playable characters. Both this scene and the second will be available to download shortly after the game is released.

If you’re the greedy type however, and want it to really pour down on the game’s release date (and also live in Europe), then you’ll be happy to know that a collector’s edition of the game will include the content. Also packaged inside the special rain effect case is a dynamic theme for your XMB, and an official soundtrack. No word on a US release for this set, or just how you can obtain it yet.

Heavy Rain is expected to release early next year.