Sony and MAG set a date

Having simply demolished Uncharted 2: Among Thieves over the past few weeks (I’m talking platinum trophy, baby), there’s three big PS3 exclusives that I’m anticipating as we head into the new year. In March, there’s God of War III, and before that there’s Heavy Rain in February, but first up is MAG, which has now been given an official release date of Jan. 29. Created by SOCOM devs Zipper Interactive, MAG is the ambitious 256-player shooter that aims to take down Modern Warfare 2 with its strength in numbers…not that they’ve made any such John Riccitiello-esque claims, I just love writing in puns.

MAG went through a whole series of beta-testing from August through the beginning of this month, so some of you out there might’ve actually had a go at it already. If that’s the case, do tell what it was like.