Xbox 360 hasn’t yet “peaked,” says BioWare

Despite creating some of the most beautiful visuals seen on the system, BioWares believe that the Xbox 360 still has “a lot more power” to offer. Speaking to CVG, Mass Effect 2 producer Adrien Cho has said the Xbox 360 hasn’t “peaked.”

“For this game, we’ve squeezed even more out of the Xbox 360,” said Cho. “Mass Effect 1 when it came out I think represented this watershed moment; it was a benchmark, it was really innovative in many ways. But we knew at that time there were many ways in which we could improve, it’s just time limitations. So given two more years of development our artists, engineers and programmers have learned how to extract more out of the engine.

“Have we actually peaked? No. I was the technical artist on the first game and what we do is build things a lot smarter to avoid some of those issues like texture pop-in in the sequel,” Cho added. “But I don’t think we’ve reached that ceiling yet; there’s actually a lot more power that we can get out of the 360.”