A PSP too far?

Could another version of Sony’s handheld already be on its way to stores just three months after the release of the PSPgo? Looks like it, if a new 4Gamers advertisement is to be believed. The ad in question (shown below) is innocuous at first glance, until you take a close look at the ‘for series’ bar near the bottom. Alongside the usual 1000, 2000 and 3000 range, you’ll notice a mysterious 4000 series sandwiched in just before the PSPgo. Either someone made an innocent typing error, or the 4Gamers advert just let slip that Sony are releasing yet another iteration of its handheld before an official statement was made.

Sales of the PSPgo have been dire to say the least, not helped by the extortionate retail price and absence of a UMD drive. A new version could possibly bring back UMD, perhaps combined with the go’s hard drive and potential for downloading games, but the question is, can Sony manufacture such a device at a significantly reduced cost? With even the PS3 dropping in price, it’s increasingly hard to imagine anyone paying over $200 for a handheld.