Mass Effect 2 has half the dialog of Dragon Age, but that’s still a lot

We know any BioWare RPG is going to be chock full of dialog options for the player to interact, interrogate, or intimidate NPCs with. The sheer amount of lines packed into a title like Dragon Age: Origins or Mass Effect 2 is overwhelming to think about, but rest assured, one amount is more overwhelming than the other.

According to BioWare co-founder Dr. Greg Zeschuk, it is the recently released Dragon Age that has over twice as many dialog options as the upcoming Mass Effect 2. While selecting exactly what you want to say word-for-word like you do in Dragon Age may seem like an ancient practice to BioWare vets who used the emotion-based system in the first Mass Effect, Zeschuck says that developers worked just as hard on Dragon Age’s dialog.

The reason the old school medieval adventure has even more dialog than the space age epic is based in Dragon Age‘s class system. The main character’s race, class and skills all have an effect on the options available in conversations, so multiple playthroughs will yield dialog options that didn’t even appear on screen the first time around. That sounds great for die-hard RPG fans looking forward to playing through the adventure over and over and over and over… perfect if you’re snowed under in Washington today.