Movie tie-ins mostly purchased by PS3 owners

We’ll try not to get too numerical on anyone’s ass but statistics often do that to you. According to household examinations from Nielsen’s Homescan consumer panel, videogames based on movies are mostly purchased by owners of Sony’s console. Households with kids, especially between the ages of 6 and 12, are the most likely to buy a movie-game. The numbers also show that households that often purchase movies, are more likely to be spending some money on some videogame based on a blockbuster movie in order to enhance the experience, putting the gamer right where the action is rather than just sit feet away from a screen and watch.

One might draw the conclusion that due to the fact that the PS3 is capable of playing Blu-rays, owners of said console are more often likely to buy movies just for that reason, making them automatically aware of more movies being released and which of them might have a game attached to it. One might draw to that conclusion, but we’re just speculating here. Now statistics, numbers – we kept them away, you see – and graphs “FTW” and all, but apart from a few cases, very very few cases, any videogames based on any movies tend not to be so good. So that begs the question, why do people keep buying them? Especially when they’re just being given away these days.