7 days around the MMO world / December 20

It’s that time of year and we’re 5 days away from the big day when the lobster colored fat man drops new games for gamers down their chimneys. During this time of year our favorite MMOs are offering up special in-game events and holiday celebrations and for this update we’ll line up some of those in-game holiday festivities.

As you would expect the Feast of the Winter Veil has started within World of Warcraft and the same quests and achievements are there for the grabbing. If you didn’t get around to getting the Merrymaker title yet, the same achievements apply to get the title so if you started it last year but didn’t finish you’ll have a head start this year. Not everything is the same as they added a new achievement called BB King where you have to “pelt” the leaders of the opposing faction. Rumor has it that come Christmas day when you get your presents a BB gun will be one of this year’s gifts which you will then use to “pelt” those faction leaders. We’re not sure how the BB guns will work, but we ought to be careful so that we don’t shoot our eyes out with it.

For Champions Online’s first holiday season as a new MMO they’ll be celebrating with an event called Attack of the Misfit Toys. To sum it up, giant evil toys modified by the evil Black Harlequin are attacking Millennium City and you have to stop them. With the event come new perks that will unlock new costume pieces and there are new action figures as well. The new costume pieces include robotic parts and a Steampunk inspired monocle, which will make any superhero seem that much more super. Visit the event’s official page and check out the video of the giant teddy bear attacking the unsuspecting superheros.

The event for Aion called Solorius features a grand piano in the major cities where players can gather and experience music together. Much like World of Warcraft there will be limited time treats that players can buy. Look for the money savvy Shugos who have various special items for purchase during the event. While they’re not simply giving those items away, they’re still worth dropping some Kinah on.

While not directly related to any special holiday event or even anything holiday related at all, Funcom is giving away prizes for friends and followers on their Twitter and Facebook pages. Some of them include free game time, beta access to the upcoming Age of Conan expansion Rise of the Godslayers and in-game items for Age of Conan and Anarchy Online. There are also some unannounced prizes in the pipeline, so players should keep their eyes peeled.

In other MMO news:

  • Tattoine revealed for Star Wars: The Old Republic.
  • Getting Fallen Earth via Direct2Drive will get you exclusive items.
  • Sony adding an MMO for PlayStation Home.
  • Final Fantasy XIV beta applications now open.
  • Interplay wins court battle with Bethesda over the Fallout MMO and looks to file counter suit.
  • Transfer your characters for free in City of Heroes during the holiday season.