Being number one in Europe is bittersweet for EA

The good news for EA is that the company was Europe’s top videogame publisher in 2009, with an impressive 19% market share. Bolstered by a slew of popular titles including Dragon Age: Origins, EA Sports Active, The Sims 3, and FIFA 10, EA was able to knock off Nintendo, Europe’s top publisher in the year before, and claim dominance in the region. Unbelievably, FIFA 10 actually claims 75% of the market for soccer (or “football,” as you Euro types call it).

However, the win may be a bit bittersweet for the company. EA vice president Jens Uwe Intat explained that European sales of packaged videogames fell by 10% in 2009. With EA having predicted a 5% increase of such sales, even achieving the top spot in the region means falling short of their initial revenue expectations.