GamersGate survey shows most of its users spent $0 on console gaming in 2009

Digital distribution outlet GamersGate conducted a survey for its users recently and the results may not surprise many. The survey, which was provided to IndustryGamers, reveals a slew of information. Of the survey, the demographic makeup was made up of primarily males, 67% of the total 1,000 users of GamersGate surveyed are age 30 or below and 29% are students.

69% of users said that the majority of their purchases are digital with 48% anticipating that they will spend more on digital items in the future. 52% of those surveyed spent $0 on console gaming and 20% spent more than $120 on console gaming in 2009. 91% have purchased from other digital outlets in the past listing GamersGate, Steam, and Direct2Drive as the most notable.

“The data… paints a picture of consumers that know specifically what they want from a digital distribution service.  Looking at the future purchasing plans coupled with the 100%+ growth we’ve had over the course of the last year, its becoming even more clear that the tipping point for a complete retail shift to digital is getting closer and closer,” commented Theodore Bergquist, CEO of GamersGate.