Epic working on “awesome shit,” possibly revealed “when the weather’s warm”

Epic Games is working on “a bunch of awesome shit,” game designer Cliff Bleszinski said on the red carpet at the VGAs a few Sundays ago. “I can’t tell you that!,” Bleszinski said when asked what the Gears of War and Unreal creator is currently keeping busy with. “It’s actually quite agonizing for me right now, because there’s a bunch of awesome shit we’re working on, but I can’t say a damn thing about it.”

With the Unreal Tournament franchise set aside for the next few years and no new Gears for the next “four to five years,” it may well be that the developer is working on something completely new. Whatever it is, it probably has a touch of Natal in it, and sounds like we’ll be hearing about it in the Spring. “Maybe sometime when the weather’s warm, you’ll be hearing something,” Bleszinski concluded.