Futuremark thinning its games studio staff

Futuremark Games Studio, the makers of the zero gravity shooter Shattered Horizon (our review here), appears to be laying off some of its workers. “It´s been great working with this game, but as we all know, all good things come to an end,” level designer Petri Jarvinen said in a message on the game’s official forums while making sure everyone understands that support for the game will go on, “DON´T PANIC! Now this does not mean that the game is dead, it´s just that there are less people making it.”

Later chiming in was senior audio designer Nick Renqvist who says he’s “in the same boat” as Jarvinen, and pointed out that “there is still a lot to come” as far as new content is concerned.

We’ve reached out to Futuremark to get official word on what’s going on.