Futuremark wishes a fourfold Merry Christmas

As we draw closer to Christmas and some sweet deals, Futuremark makes its, ehmm, mark, and introduces us to their Christmas present. If you head over to Steam, you’ll notice their zero-gravity shooter Shattered Horizon is selling for $20 and $60. The difference lies inside the package, as you’ll notice those 60 bucks will not only get you one copy of the game, but four, so you and your buddies can go at it like in the picture above. Futuremark even went on to compare the cost of the Clan Pack to a single copy of Modern Warfare 2. Uh, now that’s bold.

Pretty sweet deal, isn’t it? Remember, we need not be alone in these joyous times of bells jingling and snow falling, we’re sure we all have friends who would gladly scrape together that dough just to kick our asses!