New Operation Flashpoint DLC adds 2 new multiplayer modes and FTE missions

If Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising taught me anything, it was that I’m not the military strategist I thought/wished I was. I learned this by the end of the second mission where, instead of planting charges on the SAM sites and getting extracted without being discovered, I got my squad killed, was shot in both legs, lobbed demolition charges at the SAMs, and then ran to the helicopter with half the forces of Skira on my back.

It’s a relief then to find out that the latest DLC for the game titled ‘Overwatch’ doesn’t just provide more single-player missions to punish me for playing Call of Duty too much. Two new multiplayer modes are at the front of this pack, the first being Blindside. This mode gives one team objectives to complete as quickly as possible while the other side tries to stop them in their tracks. Supremacy is a king of the kill mode, asking teams to hold important positions with the help of things like gun emplacements and air strikes.

If you aren’t looking for new ways to play multiplayer however, and want to get back to having your butt kicked, you’ll be happy to know that two new single-player/co-op missions are included. Friendly Skies has you destroying enemy artillery, then defending yourself from a counter attack. The second level, Hostile Takeover, is a full-on offensive on an enemy base.

The trailer above shows a few bits and pieces of people playing the game, although don’t let it fool you, you will be dead for about 50% of the time you’re playing. The ‘Overwatch’ Pack hits Xbox Live Marketplace today for 400 MS points, with the PlayStation Network ($4.99) and PC (free!) following shortly.