Ubisoft wants its own Final Fantasy

Square Enix have always had success in the West with their traditional JRPGs, the Final Fantasy series being a prime example. However they recently raised eyebrows when they turned Eidos into Square Enix Europe, hinting at a future with a greater range of Western style games in their line-up. Seems like Ubisoft, developers of a whole bunch of Western games are planning to spin that tactic around for themselves.

Alain Corre, Ubisoft’s executive director for European, Middle East, and Asia/Pacific territories spoke out during the launch of Assassin’s Creed II in Japan, saying, “People often say that Japan is packed with hardcore gamers, and it’s important to understand what it is they’re looking for. Our mission is to create hit games on the same level as Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest. We’d like to see everyone in Japan root for us. Perhaps someday our efforts will result in a major hit on the level of a Dragon Quest.”

On the level of Dragon Quest? Schools in Japan close on the day of a Dragon Quest release. Ubisoft would have to be planning something pretty darn special to even have a hope of matching that. What could they have up their sleeves?  “We’ve made shooters, strategy, sports, action, and adventure games, but not any RPGs yet. Still, we’re open to all possibilities. If we can get a quality team of RPG-oriented developers, I’d love to release one. If we have a chance to work with Japanese creators, then I’m sure we can make a game that appeals to the Japanese audience.”

Good to see that Ubisoft are thinking outside the box with another RPG for Japanese gamers. Don’t expect anything soon though, as Corre revealed, “we are currently investing in Japanese development studios. We’ll be able to reveal more about these projects in a year’s time.”