7 days around the MMO world / December 27

We here at the magical TVGB offices hope that everyone’s holiday has thus far been awesome and full of videogame and MMO cheer. Hopefully you found some time jump on to your MMO of choice and grab some of the in-game goodies that were being offered up. Continuing that holiday spirit it appears that our favorite online distribution channels, Steam and Impluse, are having some incredible post-Christmas MMO related sales.

If you jump onto Steam you’ll notice that almost the entire Steam catalog is marked down, some games priced at practically free prices. If you do some professional navigation and take a look at some of the hot MMOs that are on sale, you might be hard pressed to pick one to play. We have the Everquest II starter pack for a mere $4.00, the expansive EVE Online for $5 which just recently got a huge patch, City of Heroes for $9.99, Champions Online for only $10.19 and Final Fantasy XI for $11.00. Aion and Global Agenda are also both on sale, but not for much as they’re going for $44.99 which is cheaper, but not by much.

If you jump over to Impulse there aren’t as many MMO sales, or even games, as Steam but they’re equally as enticing. The post apocalyptic MMO Fallen Earth is up for half its price at $24.99 as well as the new fantasy MMO Alganon Online. Impulse also has EVE Online on sale for $19.99 but seeing that Steam has it up for half that, it wouldn’t make sense to get it from there.

We’re not sure how long the Impulse sales will be offered so if you want Fallen Earth at a discount we suggest you get over there right away. The Steam sales will be going on until Jan 3 so if you’re having trouble deciding if $5 is too much for EVE Online or not, you have several days to tackle that decision.

It appears that NCSoft and its hit fantasy MMO Aion are getting ready to take a page straight out of the Blizzard handbook on how to make money with an MMO. After the new year some new paid services will begin to roll out for the game including: Name changes, legion name changes, gender changing and plastic surgery. All of these services will cost you a fee of some kind, much in the same vein has Blizzard’s similar services for World of Warcraft. Whether or not these kind of services are a good thing for a game, at the very least it’s something that will make the game money and with more money comes more game.

In other MMO news: