Batman delay fully backed, was just a matter of confidence

One would think delaying a game would get any publisher a little antsy. But is that how publisher Eidos and IP owner Warner Bros reacted when Rocksteady said they need to spend an extra few months with Batman: Arkham Asylum? Not quite.

According to game director Sefton Hill, it’s all about having confidence in your product and being able to show “that [the added] time is going to be well spent. I think if you can do that, any publisher is going to buy into that. I think where it becomes difficult is if you’re arguing from a position of weakness, if the confidence isn’t there.”

Clearly, Rocksteady had the confidence needed and their strategy worked like a charm — “To give Eidos and Warner a lot of credit, they backed [the two month delay] 100%,” Hill said, allowing the developers to smooth out a few things like the [data-]streaming times and framerate.

As if anyone could’ve missed it, Rocksteady is currently working on a second Batman game.