BioShock 2, now accepting members for the International Order of the Pawns

Today gentle readers, a most mysterious letter arrived via post. It bore no return address, only a curious crest – a chess pawn surround by the Latin words Adaptare Audere Ambulare.

I had to look it up online to figure out this was the motto of the International Order of Pawns, a covert organization created to solve the mystery of The Vanishing, the systematic disappearance of intelligent and gifted individuals from across the globe between the years of 1946 and 1952. These individuals were destined, of course, to become the crazed splicers of Andrew Ryan’s failed underwater utopia.

Yes, this is the latest phase of BioShock 2‘s viral advertising campaign, which started with a few blurry photographs and faded clippings posted over at the pseudo-game’s website There’s Something In The Sea and has since blossomed into a deep and detailed story about a father’s quest to find his missing daughter and in the process to unravel the mystery of Rapture.

According to the official BioShock Wiki, each I.O.O.P. member has been assigned both a unique number and color ranging from Adobe to Olive Drab. I’m Hellebore, which is a kind of flower and not a color as far as I can tell. Anyway, horticulturist debate aside, we’ll have to wait and see if membership in this secret society has any practical applications, like providing a code for early access to the multiplayer demo, or is just another cool piece of viral marketing swag.