Investor’s growing share in Take-Two may force company’s sale

11% typically isn’t a very high percentage at all – for instance, if you got an 11% on a test, you’d be failing. But, when one person owns 11% of a large company’s stock, it’s considered a very large ownership of shares. And noted technology investor Carl Icahn just happens to own 11% of Take-Two’s stock. To date, Icahn has amassed about 9 million shares of Take-Two stock, worth over $70 million. Games industry analyst Michael Pachter believes that IcahnĀ “intends to force the company to consider a sale.” While a man who possesses more than 10% of Take-Two’s stock would have enough clout to force the company to think about selling, Icahn has additional connection to the firm’s leadership – both Icahn and Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick sit on the board of directors for Blockbuster.