Best Friends 4 Life, courtesy of the Nintendo Entertainment System

“Childhood Friends” by Hamish Steele, via Tiny Cartridge.

Unlike some videogame-inspired artworks, which seem to spring fully formed from their creators foreheads like some pixelated Grecian god, this triptych has been years in the making (full thing below). “The painting depicts scenes from three video games I used to play when I was younger on my older brother’s Nintendo Entertainment System,” shares the artist. “As a slightly nerdy, lonely kid, these three characters [Mario, Samus Aran and Link] came to be the friends I played with as a child. I’ve painted them how I remembered them, where I used my imagination to gloss over the slightly dodgy graphics of the original games.”

Learning to look past your friend’s faults is key to a lasting, loving relationship. Right, Sonic?