Digital copies of Prey *gulp* sold out

One would think that you can never run out of something that’s digital but, oddly enough, it has happened nonetheless. Prey, the rather enjoyable mid-2006 sci-fi shooter from 2K Games, was sold out during its Steam holiday sale. Yes, sold out. The price point of $2.25 — 80% off the normal price — was so popular that Steam actually ran “out of keys” and was forced to whip out the big ol’ “sold out” sign.

That was the bad/strange news. The good news at the time was that the Prey sale was quickly replaced with a $4.99 BioShock. That deal has ended now but those who caught it probably laughed all the way home… or as it downloaded, rather.

Should more keys become available, the Prey sale will be going back up though. So take a peek at the game’s Steam page every now and then if you’re itching for some highly affordable alien butt kicking action.