Dragon’s Lair, Space Ace, Cobra Command lead laserdisc revival on iPhone

Long gone are the glory days of the laserdisc arcade game, a time when our younger selves would gladly part with an endless stream of quarters, enduring death after untimely death, for just a few more precious seconds of smoothly animated cartoon cutscene from “that guy who did The Secret of Nimh.”

But now, thanks to the iPhone, we can relive those days of yore! The laserdisc game has been given a new lease on life courtesy of the App Store, which now offers ports of three classic 1980’s arcade games –  Dragon’s Lair ($4.99), Space Ace ($4.99) and Cobra Command ($4.99).

Sure, Don Bluth’s genre-defining Dragon’s Lair and Space Ace have been available on Blu-ray for a while now, but at upwards of $20 each you’d be better off getting your laserdisc fix from the iPhone versions, which feature enhanced graphics and touch controls. The downside, of course, is that unlike an arcade cabinet, your iPhone is small enough to throw across the room after Dirk dissolves into a skeleton and crumbles to dust for the umpteenth time, despite the unlimited lives option. But think of all the quarters you’re saving!