Drown yourself in BioShock 2’s new gameplay

One of my favorite moments from the original BioShock was right at the start. Mere minutes after reaching the dank underwater city of Rapture, injecting myself with strange powers, and dropping my jaw at just the foot of a Big Daddy, I’m stumbling down a corridor. Something catches my eye out of the window, and it isn’t simply a big fish; half of the plane I was on is sinking towards me. I watch in amazement/terror as the hulking mass of metal crashes into the corridor, and beautiful, crystal clear water pours through.

If, like me, you loved that moment, then this short gameplay video for BioShock 2 should bring back pleasant memories. It features a few quick clips of the player roaming Rapture as water comes in from all around, flooding the floor, leaking from pipes, and coming to an electrifying end.

You can get drenched in the BioShock 2 when the game comes out February 9th 2010.