Eight more years of Smackdown vs. Raw if you smell what THQ is cooking

It’s been years since there was this much buzz surrounding professional wresting, as the 2nd coming of the Monday night wars starts tonight when TNA Impact! squares off against WWE Monday Night Raw for your viewing (guilty) pleasure. What better time then to write about THQ signing a new, eight year contract with World Wrestling Entertainment to continue being the exclusive developer of WWE branded videogames. Contract negations had been strained due to a suit between THQ and toy manufacturer Jakks Pacific over royalty fees, and as part of the new deal, WWE has made THQ play nice with Jakks Pacific to the tune of $20 million bucks.

Pro wrestling videogames have gone the same way that actual pro wrestling has gone over the last decade. Both hit their peak in the late 90’s until one company reigned supreme and created a monopoly, and the quality of the product has been on a steady downturn ever since. While the WWE will hopefully benefit from the jolt provided by TNA just being on the radar, THQ has no such competition that they could probably use, as WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2010 is the lowest selling entry in the series in years. Southpeak needs to hurry up and start using that newly acquired TNA license for all our sakes.