Updated / Fallout New Vegas gets first details

Update: All nonsense it appears. Game Informer’s Andrew Reiner tweets, “Fallout: New Vegas is NOT Game Informer’s next cover.” And, “…seeing that they couldn’t identify the magazine correctly, I’d say fake.”

Original story: If you’re anything like us then you’re most likely foaming at the mouth waiting for any tiny bit of information regarding Obsidian’s Fallout New Vegas since there has been little to no info thus far. Today is our lucky day then as a GameSpot poster has divulged information that will be in the next issue of Game Informer magazine. As with all information like this, take the following with a grain of salt and remember that it does contain possible spoilers.

Much like Dragon Age: Origins, players will be able to select from different background stories that will give you different perks based on the story you choose (you can also opt to start as the Lone Wanderer which will give you a complete blank slate to start from). One of those background stories is called Chinese Agent where the game starts shortly before the bombs fell. Your character is a Crimson Dragoons member who is attempting to destroy the Hoover Dam and you are caught by American soldiers on your way to the extraction point. However, you and a couple of your Crimson Dragoons counterparts manage to escape and seek refuge in a cave embedded in the nearby canyons. You and you brothers decide to commit hari kari — suicide — when just before you take your cyanide capsules the bombs begin to fall. The player then exits the cave and approaches the nearby Colorado River, takes off his helmet to see his own reflection in the river with the face of a ghoul starring back at him.

When that background story ends, the player will be shifted into the character creation portion where you’ll be able to customize the look of your ghoul. The two unique perks for the Chinese Agent will be the ability to have Feral Ghouls not attack you and the ability to not be affected by radiation sickness and instead use the radiation build up as an AoE attack. By default the Chinese Agent will have Sneak, Small Arms, and Explosives but the player can choose whatever suits them.

The SPECIAL system will make a return and will be similar to Fallout 3’s system however players will not be able to become a master in all skills. Capping out skills will also be much harder, so choosing your skill points will require more thought than it did in Fallout 3. Gambling will also be a part of the game and your skills in luck will affect your outcomes and your skills in sneak will affect your ability to cheat and rig slot machines.

One of the big features in Fallout New Vegas is the addition of vehicles. Apparently the size of New Vegas desert significantly dwarfs Capital Wasteland and will require a vehicle to efficiently explore. Fortunately you’ll acquire your vehicle a couple hours into the main quest line so you won’t have to wait very long to get decent transportation. You’ll be able to customize your vehicle with parts you can buy, win in racing circuits or obtain through quests. Vehicles will be rare in the game with the exception of running into a few road gangs and merchant caravans. Players should beware though as large creatures will be able to attack your vehicle, so treat it like the precious commodity that it is.

Finally there is a coliseum run by a slaver gang called Caesar’s Legion where you can gamble and participate in arena style fights.

All in all the information seems legit and definitely exciting. We like the direction Fallout New Vegas is going, bringing in some of the flare of the original games while maintaining the modern approach of Fallout 3.