Metal Slug XX is heading stateside via Atlus

In today’s “I still can’t believe they’re making those” news, Atlus has announced that Metal Slug XX is heading to the PSP on Febuary 23rd. XX is a enhanced version of Metal Slug 7 in the same way that Metal Slug X was a enhanced Metal Slug 2, and considering most fans consider X to be the pinnacle of the entire series, this could be a very good thing. The PSP version sports six characters, a 70 mission “combat school” mode, and all the 15-year-old sprites you can shake a stick at for the low price of $19.99.

However, if you would like to pay more, then Atlus has you covered there as well in the form of a Leona, a 7th playable character that can be nabbed off the PlayStation Store for an extra $.99 on day one of release. That highly classy move aside, the Metal Slug series has always been priced rather steep, so $20 is more then reasonable in my book.