Microsoft looking to simplify Xbox Live’s payment system, maybe

Xbox Live’s General Manager Marc Whitten has said that Microsoft may be simplifying the method users use to purchase content off of Live, but stops just short of actually confirming a change from the cumbersome Microsoft Points system.

“It’s Microsoft points right now, and those have been very successful for us. Especially at retail – people buy tons of points cards and bring them home,” Whitten told GameInformer, adding that they “want make it as easy as possible for people to have the entertainment experiences they want.”

“…I will say that we will continue to focus on making the system simple, without giving you the roadmap.”

What that means exactly could probably be interpreted in several ways, one of which is that Microsoft really is planning a switch to a real currency system. Not exactly a confirmation, but we’ll take Whitten’s words as the slightest glimmer of hope.