Sony predicts dedicated consoles to reign over cloud computing and digital distribution

While digital distribution is all the rage and systems utilizing cloud computing such as OnLive are on the horizon, Sony isn’t worried. Ray Maguire, UK Managing Director at Sony, touched on both topics with MCV through a brief set of questions.

“Whilst the remote storage and access of files is becoming increasingly common, when it comes to delivering an entertainment experience on par with the quality consumers have come to expect and that they demand, dedicated games consoles remain the only systems powerful enough to do this,” Maguire said when asked about remote gaming platforms.

Maguire was also doubtful of the trend of digital distribution taking too big of a piece from the gaming market pie. “It’s unrealistic to expect the vast majority of consumers to access and store the 25 or 50 gigabytes of data that make up a Blu-ray release,” Maguire said. “Therefore, whilst the popularity of and demand for bite-size content will continue to grow, there will still be a need for a storage medium that’s both convenient and accessible to the majority, not the minority, for some time to come.”

Sony did seem to acknowledge that with more powerful technology these type of game delivery methods could possibly offer an on par or better solution than dedicated games consoles. Once that technology is in place though PlayStation 9 will be jacking into our brains and reading our thoughts, so Sony will assuredly still be pretty confident.