BioWare explains Awakening’s character transition, Return to Ostagar’s delay

BioWare has clarified a few things relating to their recently announced Awakening expansion for Dragon Age: Origins. As said before, the new content introduces a new area, Amaranthine, that players can explore as either their existing character or as an Orlesian Grey Warden Commander, a new character introduced in the Awakening. While not the length of an origin story, the new character will have a separate beginning before the campaign begins. Those wishing to continue on with their existing character however should note that there is a bit of a catch to that choice.

“You also have the option to import your character from Origins through loading a saved game, and that can be done at any time,” online producer Fernando Melo explains. “You actually don’t need to have completed Origins to jump into Awakening, but it is a one way process. Once you make the jump to fast forward that amount of time, you effectively end that Origins campaign and you begin the Awakening campaign with that character. You can always go back to your Origins save and continue that separately, but once you go into Awakening, because of the level up and the time passage, there is no coming back to Origins at that point.”

Melo also explained the reasons behind the Return to Ostagar downloadable content delay, “We probably could have gone with it, but it’s something that was serious enough that we felt it impacted the quality [of the DLC] and we made the choice to delay it to give our fans the best experience with it. That was the reason behind [the delay] — we want to make sure that we don’t cut any corners when we do the DLC. There’s already a lot of content out, there’s a lot more coming — we just announced the expansion pack, and there’s more coming after that. I think the worst thing we could do after that is do anything “to poison the well,” to use the expression, or put fans off from feeling that they’re getting the best content from us. It’s a long term decision instead of a short term decision.”