Capcom committed to multi-platform development

Capcom have released an official statement regarding Antoine Seux’s recent assertion that core gamers have “obviously moved on” from Wii.

Earlier this week, the director general of Capcom France told Gamekult that sales for Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles were a “disappointment.” Seux also said that while 2007’s Resident Evil 4 Wii remake was a success, The Darkside Chronicles‘ relative poor performance last year was evidence that core gamers have abandoned the platform.

In response, Capcom’s European PR team sent out a note today, saying, “Further to comments made in a recent article on French website Gamekult, Capcom would like to confirm its commitment as a multi-platform developer and publisher of interactive software.”

So, Seux’s opinions obviously aren’t shared by his employers – Capcom will continue to produce games for Wii. Something tells us it’s been a bad week for their French director general.