Infinity Ward skipping Modern Warfare 3?

Infinity Ward’s next project may not be Modern Warfare 3 should VG247‘s sources pan out. Instead of creating a follow-up to the game that had the biggest entertainment launch ever, the blog’s “US insiders” say the FPS veterans have moved on to work on something “completely new”.

Around the time of Modern Warfare 2‘s launch last November, Creative Strategist Robert Bowling said the studio was unsure of what their next project was going to be and that before that decision gets made, they’d focus on “a lot of DLC support”. But beyond several multiplayer fixes and words of the future, downloadable content is something we’ve yet to see for the game. Last we heard, IW hadn’t even completely planned out what kind of additional content they’ll be offering.

But, if the rumor does end up being accurate, who could possibly continue with Modern Warfare? According to “one dev source,” a Canadian dev may be doing it. Another one points towards Activision’s recently formed Sledgehammer Games which is said to be working on a AAA shooter based on one of Activision’s existing franchises.

Overall, I don’t recall the last time a story contained so many uncertainties. So let’s keep this one under tight lock and key in the ‘rumors’ section for the time being.