Medal of Honor’s campaign takes itself very seriously, will feature battles big and small

Anyone else find it funny that Call of Duty started out as a answer to Medal of Honor and now Medal of Honor is primed to be EA’s answer to Call of Duty? Oh how the tides have turned. In any case, we’re finally starting to receive details on the franchise reboot. EA is working closely with Tier 1 Operatives who are to remain anonymous to see to it that the game is as authentic as possible to the point where they have the authority to change anything that they feel is unrealistic. It seems these guys aren’t too keen on how the military is portrayed in videogames.

The other big piece of news involves the game’s campaign. It was previously reported that the campaign would actually be two separate campaigns: One featuring black ops style missions starring the Tier 1 Elite Ops and the other including more traditional, large scale battles with the player controlling normal grunts. Turns out this isn’t true, as single-player mode will only have one seamless campaign, but will feature both scenarios.

I find it admirable that EA is taking the current champion of the 800 pound gorillas head on, and the involvement of some truly hardcore dudes has me intrigued to see what they come up with, but I hope they don’t make the mistake so many before them have made of sacrificing fun for realism.