Treyarch’s Vietnam-bound Call of Duty set for November

Our 8-month-old prediction of the next Call of Duty being set in Vietnam seems to be coming true. The new location has been confirmed by a UK trade source who has said that the Treyarch-helmed game will hit shelves this November, exactly a year after Modern Warfare 2, and take cues from movies set in that era, like Apocalypse Now and Platoon.

“It’s going to be November again – just as with World At War and Modern Warfare 2,” the source told CVG. “Activision believes that it can own Christmas again, just as it has in the last two years. Development is on course – and Treyarch have been told the game must be ready to hit shelves before the gifting season.”

The new setting is a welcome shift from World War II, but we wonder if the grittiness of the period will actually shine through. While there were many heroes who fought in the Vietnam campaign, not everyone fell into that category, what with rampant drug use, conscientious objectors on the front lines, and the atrocities that occurred during the war.

Following the usual routine, Activision has been contacted for comment but remains mum on the subject.