Hardcore gamers will “absolutely love” Natal

From a round-about release date to the accessory dropping chips like they are hot, the past couple of days have been chock full of Project Natal news. But really, who cares about Microsoft’s attempts to cash in on the motion control market? According to Robbie Bach, President of Entertainment and Devices Division, everyone will care – even the hardcore gamers.

“Take your hardcore gamer, they’re going to love Natal,” said Bach. “Now, they’ll play a different style of game on that when they’re doing it. When they play Halo: Reach, they might be back with their controller doing some very, you know, targeted things. But the style of game they will play will be different.” He added, “But they will absolutely love Natal.”

The hardcore community might be swayed with Bach’s statement that 70 percent of publishers, like Bethesda, Ubisoft, and Konami, are currently developing for Project Natal. Mass coverage of a technology is a surefire way to get people to at least try it out and once they have, they might just like it. And if not, the return policy will probably be so strict that it would be cheaper to keep the thing at home.