Nyko introduces Wii controller that’s cooler than Nintendo’s

Nyko, a third party accessory manufacturer, has one-upped Nintendo at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas. Specifically, they’ve unveiled the Wand+, a Wii remote that comes with built-in Motion Plus technology. The until will sell for $39.99 when it becomes available in March, which is a great deal considering Nintendo offers the standard controller for $40 and then asks for another $20 when it comes to experiencing the 1:1 movement tracking featured in Wii Sports Resort.

Even you if you don’t plan on purchasing Nyko’s new toy, or are just being skeptical for now, the development of the Wand+ is good news for Wii owners. With the new technology out for the public to consume, Nintendo will be under pressure to improve their remotes. Perhaps they’ll lower the cost of the Motion Plus add-on, or even duplicate Nyko’s ability to create a remote with Motion Plus already inside.