Aliens vs Predator demo confirmed

In an extensive exchange of words aka interview between AvPGalaxy and Rebellion, the studio behind the latest and, if we might add, the awesomest looking Aliens vs Predator game to date, there were a whole lot of juicy information about the game, its development process, its story, its multiplayer and even it receiving the banhammer in Germany but not Australia… nothing anyone is really surprised about seeing that the game will deliver one gory experience. Or will it?

We’ll have a chance to confirm or deny just that once the demo is released, which was confirmed during the interview by Lead Designer Alex Moore, “There will be a demo…That’s all we can say.” That’s the good news, while the bad one is that he went no further than this, saying nothing about it, meaning we have no info on when or on what platforms it will be delivered to. But we’re not finicky on the details, we’re really not, Rebellion…