DLC purchased by just 15%, 43% don’t realize it exists

When looking at horse armor, alternate costumes and content already included on the disc, you may be thinking just who is buying all of this downloadable content? The answer is not many. According to a survey done by Frank N. Magid Associates only 15% of gamers have ever purchased downloadable content and 43% of people don’t even realize it exists.

The survey was completed by around 800 people and the remaining 41% of people stated that they knew about DLC but hadn’t made a purchase. The president of Magid Advisors, Mike Vorhaus, stated that the people who weren’t aware of DLC were primarily owners of only systems that don’t have much DLC to offer, such as PS2 or Wii.

Maybe seeing small numbers like this would encourage game companies to make more substantial DLC offerings, but with some people actually buying unnecessary DLC, companies are probably happy with the 15%.