Getting Modern Warfare 2 DLC deal was like signing a free agent, Microsoft’s Greenberg says

If you’re a fan of a smaller market Major League Baseball team, you’re probably frustrated by richer teams like the Yankees buying the game’s best players off the free agent market. They get the best players because they have the most money. Those players draw fans and earn even more revenue. The rich get richer.

Now PS3 owning Modern Warfare 2 fans can feel just like Padres and Pirates supporters, because Microsoft has done something to get the MW2 downloadable content before Sony. When asked about how the company was able to get the timed exclusivity deal, Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg compared the process to a sports team signing a free agent, “I think about it like a sports team, when you sign a star athlete for your team… when you sign that free agent, I think it makes your team better. At the end of the day, we want to turn as many people as possible into Xbox 360 fans.”

From that quote it sounds like Microsoft made a CC Sabathia-sized deal with Activision to get the MW2 DLC on the Xbox 360 first. Greenberg is hoping the deal can pay for itself by bringing in more Xbox 360 owners, “And then to say, on top of that, to take the biggest game of last year, and be the exclusive place you can get that downloadable content first, I think that’s a big deal. That’s a big reason you’d want to buy an Xbox 360 instead of another console.”

While we don’t know how much it cost Microsoft to get the deal done, it has no doubt done something that will make existing customers happy while making fans of rival consoles jealous. Sounds like a solid move to me.