Battlefield: Bad Company 2 beta skipping the Xbox 360 “wasn’t a personal thing”

Battlefield Bad Company 2 developer DICE’s producer Gordon Van Dyke has clarified on why the beta for their latest isn’t letting Xbox 360 owners in on the action. DICE certainly wasn’t playing favorites when making the decision, Van Dyke says, it just came down to logistics, “If we could have done a beta on all of them we would have. We can’t go into all the details, because some of it has to do with legal stuff, but it was really just logistics.”

“There was no, we want to do it on the PS3 and then go to Sony and then they grease us for doing it,” he added. “No. It was like, we need to do this, we need to do it in these time frames, and we were open to all options. Unfortunately it didn’t work out for Xbox 360, but it was nobody’s fault and it wasn’t a predetermined decision. It wasn’t a personal thing, absolutely not. We would have given it to everyone if we could have, but it just didn’t work out that way.”

The PlayStation 3 beta was finished up last month (with some interesting stats) and the PC beta is set to begin later this month with the details just confirmed last week. 360 users won’t be completely left out though, a multiplayer demo will be arriving on all systems, prior to the game’s launch in early March we hope.