DICE looking at back catalogue for Battlefield 3

We’ve seen a number of Battlefield titles in recent years, teaming up with Bad Company, playing with Heroes, and heading back to 1943, but it’s been nearly half a decade now since a numbered sequel has hit our screens. Even with Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and the online componet for the new Medal of Honor on their plates right now, series developer DICE is looking toward Battlefield 3 and what direction they’ll take the franchise in next.

How to do this? Well, looking at the vast back catalogue of Battlefield games for inspiration might be a good start, series producer Gordon Van Dyke thinks, “I’d love to do any of them. We have such a wealth of back catalogue stuff we could pull from and do something similar to that, that it’s almost mind-boggling.”

Expansions included, there are 15 Battlefield titles out there right now, that’s a lot of warfare. Looks like this title may be revisiting familiar territory, but when the series has already gone to World War II, Vietnam, modern combat, and the future, where else do you go? “Right now, anybody’s guess is as good as mine on what we could do. But definitely know that the back catalogue is a great resource for us, and we definitely would look there first.”

Battlefield 3 is obviously a long way off, but DICE continues to assure us that Bad Company 2 will be something special. It should give us the Battlefield fix we need when it launches March 2nd in North America and the 5th in Europe.