Lost Odyssey devs hiring, working on Microsoft-published “large scale RPG”

A lot has been said about Microsoft’s failings in Japan, but at least their general ineptitude in the region is not due to a lack of trying. Countless exclusives from big time names and franchises, a cheap price, and a whole pile of money spent hasn’t added up to a hill of beans in the sales numbers. Yet even after a year where they only managed to sell 330,000 units, Microsoft is still gung-ho about making a dent in the market.

A Japanese job listing is calling for a 3D game designer for a “large scale RPG” to come work at Feelplus Inc., which is a studio founded by former developers of the Shadow Hearts series whose big claim to fame was being the development studio behind Lost Odyssey. Feelplus recently announced they are working on a Microsoft-published title, but the listing does not say point blank that the job is for that specific game, whatever that may be.

I don’t really see this as Microsoft trying once again to get into the homes of Japanese gamers because, lets face it, that ship has sailed. Rather, at this point, they’re probably just trying to make a videogame in the style of a genre that is still popular worldwide with a developer who is more than capable of doing so.